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PAC: Easy does it

I like being near the top of a mountain. One can’t get lost here ~ Wislawa Szymborska ~

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Eenvoudige wandeling | Easy hike | Leichte WanderungMiddelzware wandeling | Intermediate hike | Mittelschwere WanderungEverybody can hike – after all we all have learned how to walk and hiking is walking, right? Mountain hiking, however, has an extra dimension: mountains are to be respected. They are giants of nature and make you aware how small you really are. When you go into the mountains, you’d better be prepared, aware of the risks and meeting them with respect but without fear. That’s when you can enjoy them optimally.

Mountain hiking has another dimension still. You hike through phenomenal natural surroundings that offer you a new, surprising view around every corner. You walk in the shadows of these impressive mountain giants, enjoying their natural beauty. You hear murmuring brooks, raging waterfalls, the wind rustling through the trees, whistling marmots and suddenly you realize something is missing …. the sounds of our “civilization”.

This package is ideal for those who would like to experience mountain hiking. During the week I will take you on three hikes, slowly progressing in difficulty. And should you be interested in learning how to prepare for a hike, I’ll be happy to teach you. How do you read a map, how do you determine how difficult a route will be, how do you know how long it will take you to hike that route, how do you take the weather forecast into account, which equipment do you bring along, ….?

The object however is to enjoy the (mountain) hikes as much as possible and to experience that mountain hiking truely is for everyone. Not the highest peak, but the most pleasure is our goal!

The hikes vary in difficulty from easy to intermediate (click here for clarification) and last ca. 4 – 7 hours per day. Experience in mountain hiking is not necessary. However, you do need to be in good physical shape to be able to hike for up to 7 hours.

Jörg Haider: ***** A mountain hiker, that makes someone new to mountain hiking feel safe from the very start. Tips, tricks and great pointers. I must admit, Gerdi was right with her recommendation to use hiking poles from the start. Thank you Gerdi.

Click on any one of the pictures in the gallery below and it will open at full size picture. You can then click your way through the remainder of the full size pictures in either direction.

Dates per request. Prices starting at € 195 per person, overnight stay not included / start ing at € 579 per person with 7 overnight stays with half-board

Prices as mentioned include 3 guided day hikes. Minimum number of participants: 4. Maximum number of participants: 8. Can also be booked privately or for private groups.

Not included are costs for transfers to start of hike, lunches, etc., unless otherwise agreed upon. Overnight stay in double room with half-board.

I work with »Alphotel Kuhstadl« in Mittersill. I will be glad to assist you in booking this accommodation.

Of course, it is entirely possible to book this package while staying in a (different) accommodation of your own choice.

At the very least, sturdy, ankle high hiking boots (B/C), rain gear, sun glasses, gloves or mittens, cap and sunscreen.

General terms and conditions
General terms and conditions apply to all tours and packages offered by »Hiking Austria« (In Oostenrijk Wandelen). Click here to download them.

Be a Hill Seeker!

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