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PAC: Lake views

A lake is a landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature. ~ Henry David Thoreau ~

Plattachsee | © GerdiVwt 2014

Plattachsee | © GerdiVwt 2014

Lichte wandeling | Easy hike | Leichte WanderungMiddelzware wandeling | Intermediate hike | Mittelschwere WanderungIn the mountains around Mittersill you can find countless lakes. They make for an excellent hiking goal. Surrounded by beautiful alpine meadows or steep mountain sides, a mountain lake exudes enormous peace. When there is no wind, the lake surface forms an almost magical mirror for it’s beautiful surroundings.

The trails to the lakes are often as varied as the lakes themselves. Sometimes they are wide alpine roads slowly creeping up the mountains, when at other times they are narrow, steep mountain trails. Sometimes it seemes those lakes that are the hardest to get to, are most worth our while. The reward however is always the same: a beautiful lake in gorgeous surroundings.

Upon reaching the lake, we find ourselves at the perfect luncheon spot. I like to take my bivouac sack out, spread it on the ground and lay down on it and close my eyes to enjoy the quiet and sun. Off course, I have first stepped bare foot into the lake to enjoy a little hydrotherapy.

During this week I will take you to 3 beautiful lakes. The hikes take about 5-8 hours and come into the category easy or intermediate (click here for a short explanation).

Bert & Hermine Verheul: ***** We enjoyed a wonderful week in Austria. Gerdi, thank you for great hikes and all the beautiful places you showed us. We highly recommend »Hiking Austria« to anyone who wants to get to know Austria and not do it the usual way!! Kindest regards, Bert & Hermine

Click on any one of the pictures in the gallery below and it will open at full size picture. You can then click your way through the remainder of the full size pictures in either direction.

After seeing these photographs you are anxious to see more? Click here to see more impressions of the wonderful hikes in this package.

Dates per request. Prices starting at € 180 per person, overnight stay not included / start ing at € 565 per person with 7 overnight stays with half-board

Prices as mentioned include 3 guided day hikes. Minimum number of participants: 4. Maximum number of participants: 8. Can also be booked privately or for private groups.

Not included are costs for transfers to start of hike, lunches, etc., unless otherwise agreed upon. Overnight stay in double room with half-board.

I work with »Alphotel Kuhstadl« in Mittersill. I will be glad to assist you in booking this accommodation.

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