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Zittauer Hütte & Roßkopf

This land, this water, this air, this planet – this is our legacy to our young ~ Paul Tsongas ~

View from Rosskopf | © GerdiVwt 2013

Middelzware wandeling | Intermediate hike | Mittelschwere WanderungZware/moelijke wandeling | Difficult hike | Schwere WanderungAlong the beautiful Wildgerlos valley we walk along an unpaved road and the ‘Wilden Gerlos’ river to the Salzboden (English: Salt grounds) at the end of the valley. Once there we enter true alpine country and ascent over a glacier moraine towards the Zittauer Hütte (2,328m). When we’ve reached the cabin, we’ll enjoy a well deserved rest and take in the gorgeous views of the lower Gerlos lake and the Wildgerloskees (‘Kees’ means glacier).

Those who have the stamina and want to, can join me and go on for anohter 2 hours to ascent the Roßkopf peak (2,845m).


  • till Zittauer Hütte and back about 12 km
  • till Roßkopf and back about 16 km

Duration (nett):

  • till Zittauer Hütte and back about 6 Hr. 15 Min.
  • till Roßkopf and back about 9 Hr. 30 Min.


  • € 20 / Pers. (max. 10 Pers.)
  • € 24 / Pers. (8 Pers.)
  • € 48 / Pers. (4 Pers.)

Prices as mentioned include 1 guided day hike. Minimum number of participants: 4. Maximum number of participants: 10. Can also be booked privately or for private groups.

Not included are costs for transfers to start of hike, lunches, etc., unless otherwise agreed upon.

At the very least, sturdy, ankle high hiking boots (B/C), rain gear, sun glasses, gloves or mittens, cap and sunscreen.

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