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At the cabin

Mountains are giant, restful, absorbent. You can heave your spirit into a mountain, and the mountain will keep it, folded, and not throw it back as creeks will. The creeks are all the world with all its stimulus and beauty; I live there. But the mountains are home ~ Anne Dillard ~

Neue Fürther Hütte | © GerdiVwt 2013

Neue Fürther Hütte | © GerdiVwt 2013

Middelzware wandeling | Intermediate hike | Mittelschwere WanderungThere are a lot of mountain cabins to be found in the Austrian Alps. Before man could cross the mountains with cars and other motorized transport, those cabins were important to anyone in need of protection from the elements. These days those strategically placed cabins are mainly used by hikers and climbers. The remote location of many of the cabins often makes for an incredibly beautiful walk along trails not trampled by the masses.

Walking along trails that in some cases have served as (trade) roads for hundreds of years for those traversing the mountains on foot or horseback, we make our way up to one of those cabins. Along the way we’ll have to climb quite a bit to get over the treeline. However, we’ll take our time – there will be lots of time to enjoy our surroundings.

Once at the cabin, we of course will take the opportunity to enjoy the views. There will also be ample opportunity to explore the area surrounding the cabin. When you’ve got enough energy left and there is time, we can even climb a nearby mountain.

Paula Verheul: **** Recommended! We, 3 teenagers and 2 adults, really enjoyed the hikes with Gerdi. It’s great to go through the photos that were taken on our “family hike”. Beautiful memories of special places, views and challenges we experienced with Gerdi. Hiking with a hiking guide had a lot of benefits for us: never a wrong turn, exactly the right level for every participant and good explanations about the surroundings. And of course, as a reward, the best terraces with the best “Kuchen” (cakes and pies) … Next time the cabin tour will be on our program! Thanks for being a great guide. Highly recommended.

The hike lasts about 5-7 hours and – depending on the route we’ll be taking – falls in the category intermediate -difficult (click here for a short explanation)

Dates and prices

June through October
As soon as the snow has (largely) disappeared from the mountains, this hike is on the program. Under normal circumstances this means, that it can be booked starting halfway through June until the end of October. Weather conditions can necessitate program changes.

Dates: by agreement

Guided day hike with a certified mountain hiking guide

1 Person € 245,00
2 Personen, pro Person € 135,00
3 Persons, per person € 100,00
4 Persons and more, per person € 80,00

Prices as mentioned include a guided day hike. Not included are costs for transfers, lifts, overnight stays, etc., unless otherwise agreed upon.

I work with »Alphotel Kuhstadl« in Mittersill. I will be glad to assist you in booking this accommodation.

Off course, it is entirely possible to book this tour while staying in a (different) accommodation of your own choice.

At the very least, sturdy, ankle high hiking boots (B/C), rain gear, sun glasses, gloves or mittens, cap and sunscreen.

General terms and conditions
General terms and conditions apply to all tours and packages offered by »Hiking Austria« (In Oostenrijk Wandelen). Click here to download them.

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